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The Gift of Song(birds)

When I was a child, I loved visits to my grandfather’s house. His yard was huge, and it had some very old, very large trees. The birds in those trees were forever serenading us. I would recognize some of them, but Grandpa could name them all. “Years of experience,” he would say, explaining away his considerable skill.

As the years went by, however, Grandpa’s hearing began to fail. Not bad at first; only the distant calls fell silent on his ears. Then it got worse. Even the greetings and scolding from closer birds went unheard. Thankfully, that didn’t last long. Along with his love of nature, Grandpa also embraced the technology available to him.
When my grandfather got his hearing aid, our backyard bird wonderland was re-born. Even though I didn’t completely understand hearing aids Stockport, I remember being happy that he had one.

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