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My Messed Up Special Day

When I was planning to have a beautiful wedding, one that all of my guests would be impressed with. What happened, though, is a mess. I ended up with a wedding that went wrong in every way possible. In the midst of all that could go right, I ended up having everything go wrong for me. My caterer failed to show. My decorations fell apart. The only bright spot in the whole wedding was the wedding violinist that I had chosen to play at the event.

In spite of everything else falling apart, I did end up with great music on my wedding day. I was lucky to have great music playing in the midst of all of the struggles that I faced. I don’t know what I would have done if the music had failed in the way that everything else had.

Changing the Mood

I recently put on a benefit to help earn money for a charity that I hold close to my heart. The benefit that I put on was for a couple hundred people and I knew that I needed to plan it out carefully if I wanted it to go well. One of the things that I was worried about was the mood that the event would have. I wanted to make sure that everyone felt at peace while attending the event and that things worked out well. Through the advice of a friend I chose to hire an events violinist to help set the mood. I knew that I would need some help to keep the mood at an even keel and to make sure that everyone felt comfortable. The violinist that I chose did a great job, and I was very happy with the way that things turned out.