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Enjoying My Work

I have carried many jobs in my adult life, and not every one has been the same. Actually, none of them have really been the same. I have been unhappy with most of the jobs that I have chosen, but there is one job that I have found that I love. The job that I work now is one that my friend suggested to me, and it is one that I have fallen in love with and that I do not want to give up. I work as a florist Harrogate and I get to spend my days just dealing with flowers and arranging them in the way that I feel works best. I get to work in a beautiful building, using beautiful natural materials to create great art. I have found a job that I enjoy, and I hope that I will be able to continue working this job for a long time.

You guys won’t believe what happened to me today

It’s back-to-school season which means all the big box stores are running INSANE specials on office products. Not gonna lie, I look forward to this all year long, because I get to stock up for the office at home.

So I headed down to one, because they were offering reams of printer paper for $2 apiece and that’s cheap and, hey, I need it. If I picked up a composition book because of nostalgia along the way, well, that’s between me and my wallet. Besides, they were like fifty cents apiece.

Anyway, I was in there for like, maybe ten minutes? If that. And when I came out my car had been broken into — the passenger-side window was all bashed in! My insurance probably won’t cover it, too, the jerks.

But here’s the kicker. There are Bolton CCTV cameras all over the parking lot, right? Except they told me that none of them actually work and are there as a deterrent! Some deterrent, I’m down a car window and my CD collection.

Thanks a bunch, jerks who stole my late-90′s music collection.